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We are firefighters who invented the Hot Shield mask back in 1993 after the California Firestorms made us re-think our PPE. We saw the damage done to several local firefighters who were overrun, suffering severe burns to their faces. So right then we made it our mission to create a legit wildfire face mask that could stand up to the flames of a blowtorch.

We've sold thousands of Hot Shields, of all different models & the Hot Shield is still the best protection you can get for wildland firefighting. Scroll down the page to see all the different models. Then read our data sheets for each mask. If you still have a question give us a call or shoot us an email and we will help answer your questions regarding our masks and the entire issue of wildland face & respiratory protection. We stand behind our masks 100% 

Here are some recent photos submitted by firefighters using Hot Shields taken during Summer 2015 fires in California, Washington and Ecuador



Some outfits try to sell you on a polyester liner and styrene foam bead bean bag filter. Would any fire chief specify these materials in PPE?  Not likely! Our firefighter designed and tested facial protection options are the very best on the planet and we use CarbonX, the ONLY inherently non-flammable fabric in the world! CarbonX withstands over 2000 degrees F and with our design, is the best option for wildland firefighting or any environment that requires heat protection without the benefit of positive pressure SCBA.   Choose & your family deserve it.



The Hot Shield Model HS-2 Wildland Firefighter Face Mask is a patented (U.S. Patent 5,628,308) highly flame resistant face protector designed by firefighters for use in all wildland firefighting operations. The HS-2 offers the extreme protection against burns to the face/neck with the added benefit of blocking and reducing the inhalation of smoke & ash particulate. Multiple layers of patented CarbonX help maintain the crucial airspace firefighters want and human skin needs to survive extreme temperatures. The soft comfortable inside liners (also CarbonX) absorb perspiration, adding to user comfort.

New Packaging for the HS-2! We are now including 2 filters with each HS-2 in a whole new packaging! Check it out at your favorite dealer!

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Hot Shield UB-V2 Wildland Firefighter Ultimate Bandanna

MAR_7130F.jpgAre you looking for something better than the standard cotton bandanna you wore on your last brushfire? Don't want  a mask that uses a N-95 style filter or cartridge style filter? Maybe you would prefer a garment that is as handy and light as your bandanna,  but is super easy to breathe through and protects your face from flying burning embers and ash? The Ultimate Bandanna UB-V2 maybe just for you. The UB-V2 offers the top performance protection of CarbonX, yet doesn't require a filter of any kind.

read more | UB-V2 Image Gallery

Hot Shield UNI-V2 Ultra Shroud Extreme

MAR_7012F1.jpgThe new Ultra Shroud Extreme model UNI-V2 is a Wildland Helmet Shroud designed by firefighters to provide extreme thermal protection to areas of the face and neck not covered by a mask or standard helmet shroud.

The UNI-V2 replaces your existing helmet shroud and is designed to fit to nearly every model of wildland helmet manufactured to date, including Morning Pride, MSA, Bullard and others.

What makes our Hot Shield Ultra Shroud better and unique to your existing equipment? The UNI-V2 affords the firefighter the proven bonafide protection of CarbonX fabrics with a measure of respiratory comfort & relief not found in standard helmet shrouds, because it's the ONLY helmet shroud available that allows you to breathe right through it! Twin layers of knit mesh give you that extra edge!

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Hot Shield HS-4 Fire Resistant Housing for the Sundstrom Respirator SR-100

MAR_7441F.jpgThe Hot Shield Model HS-4 Respirator and Face Protector Housing is designed to protect your face and house/protect the Sundstrom Model SR-90/SR-100 half face respirator. The HS-4 is constructed of CarbonX materials, the only inherently nonflammable and most thermally resistant fabric in the world today.

The HS-4 combined with the Sundstrom SR-90 or SR-100 Half Face Respirator has been designed for any and all workers who desire heat & flame protection for their face & neck yet must wear a fit test capable silicone half face respirator. Outside of a positive pressure breathing apparatus, this is a very comfortable and highly protective alternative!

read more | HS-4 Image Gallery

Hot Shield HS-5: Hot Shield Fire Resistant Housing for the Drager Xplore3500 Half Face Respirator

MAR_7463F.jpgHot Shield Model HS-5 is an extremely heat & flame resistant respirator housing for the Drager Xplore 3500 Half Face Respirator.The HS-5 has been designed for firefighters in wildland/brush firefighting operations, yet will work in any thermal challenging environment. The HS-5 is constructed of CarbonX, the only inherently nonflammable fabric in the world.  This combination offers a high degree of filtration, the ability to fit test individuals and extremely efficient air exchange.  You can purchase individually or both items together as a kit. This combo is small and very light; a real plus for wildland firefighters who have to carry so many items these days.
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This is the T Ring Finger Tourniquet! This is an amazing little life saver no one should be without. A true breakthrough in emergency response tools, used by many ER docs and endorsed by Hot Shield through personal experience! We make no money on this product, but believe everyone should have this in their gear bag.  Order some for your crew and stick 'em in your first aid bag for the next time someone mangles their finger or worse! Contact David R. R. Green -
Phone: 302-778-2335   FAX: 302-778-2334


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